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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area
P.O. Box  813, New Providence, NJ  07974    USA

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Club FM Simplex on 145.750 MHz

Club call signs are N2XJ and W2FMI


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Field Day

Field Day is held each year during the 4th full weekend in June and gives amateur radio clubs around the country a chance to demonstrate their emergency operating skills. During a 24 hour marathon (Saturday 2 p.m. EDT to Sunday 2 p.m. EDT), radios all over the U.S. and Canada are operated without using commercial electrical power. Generally only power derived from batteries, generators, or other alternative energy sources, such as solar power, are used to power the radios. People may use commercial power at their home stations or at an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) after demonstrating that they have a backup power source that is not on the commercial power grid. Finally, there is a small group using commercial power without any backup power generating capability who can only contact stations that have backup power. Please note this restriction has been removed due to the COVID-19 pandemic only for the 2020 Field Day and 2021 Field Day.

Field Day 2022 will be held on Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26. Links to historical results and photos from past Field Days are available below.

Field Day Visitors

2011 Field Day visitors: Summit Council Members Tom Getzendanner and Ellen Dickson visit with Al, K2AL, and Paul, NPARC President, N2KDK. (Photo Courtesy of Barry, K2JV).

Complete rules for 2022 are not yet available. The link will be posted once they become available.

Although we had been running our main station from one of the many fields located at Governor Livingston High School in Berkeley Heights, NJ for many years. This year will be different. We will be on our own to decide how we would like to operate. You can operate 1B, 1D or 1E from your home by yourself or get together with a second operator and run 2B in your backyard. You can even get adventurous with 3 or more operators (properly social distanced) in your backyard and operate 1A, 2A or even 3A if you have room. No matter how you do decide to operate Field Day this year, please enter "New Providence ARC" as the club name for the club aggregate scoring.

Please also consider getting as many bonus points as you can. The easiest 50 bonus points are obtained by submitting your Field Day entry online. The easiest 100 bonus points are obtained by listening and copying the ARRL Field Day Bulletin on the HF bands which is broadcast from W1AW several times Saturday and Sunday in all modes (CW, Digital {RTTY and PSK31 and another mode} and SSB), check the published schedule. There are many other bonus points available, but refer to the rules to decide if they can be obtained by your choice of station.

Historical Field Day Results

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