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Field Day 2006 Photos

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A. from  Bob KB2IKC.

 watch a slide show of IKC's photos

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View of the High School Site: l-r VHF station, kitchen, HF #2

Looking the other way at the High School site: l-r HF #2, GOTA station and VHF station

Rich N2AUG emerging from one of the "gazebos" sheltering a station

The High School "mess hall".

Bill W2ZKE looks over WB2QOQ and N2AUG making another contact

Gary K2PLL and Al K2AL at theVHF station

James KB2FCV logs a contact for Andy WB2DKJ


B. from Al K2AL

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Welcome table for visitors

Sign on car

Gazebos in the assembly area

Moving a gazebo to its operating site

Vince KC2IZK hauling goodies to the food tent

Al K2SKV and Andy WB2DKJ

Rick WB2QOQ prepares to unload his truck

Food tent with tarps to keep out the rain

Fog and rain were abundant!

Starting to setup the tower

Attaching the VHF Yagi to the tower

Happy and wet!

Connecting the feedline to the VHF antenna

Did we mention it was wet? Peter KC2KMI, Roberts, Joe Kc2EYG and Bill W2ZKE

Yum! Staples at the food tent

Al K2AL with Nick KC2ONP

Nick KC2ONP at the mike

Bill W2ZKE

Rick WB2QOQ works a contact as Joe KC2EYG logs

ARRL Section Manager Bill Hudzik W2UDT, Club President Al K2AL, and ARRL Hudson Div Director, Frank Fallon N2FF

Adam and Joe K2JAO at the GOTA station

View of the High School site

Lauryn WW2OLF and Alison KC2NQZ having fun at the GOTA station

Al K2AL watching Alison and Lauryn

Night falls but the lights, keys and mikes keep humming

Gazebos at High School site

Morning quiet

Hey .. it's not raining!

A view of our 55 foot tower and VHF Yagi. HF dipole ends were also suspended from the tower

VHF Yagi at 62 feet

Another of the tower

Power meter at the GOTA site

WA2DKJ/mobile(?) tries to sneak in a nap

Screen shot of computer running APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System)

Breaking camp on Sunday afternoon


C. from Jim N2TSJ

watch a slide show of TSJ's photos

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View of High School site: left to right - HF Station #2, GOTA tent, VHF tent and HF Station #1

Rich N2AUG making phone contacts on 40 meters

HF Station #2 setup

James KB2FCV holding his regen receiver

KB2FCV's regen receiver (topview)

KB2FCV's transmitter (topview)

Adam at the GOTA station.

Bill W2ZKE and Ralph KC2RLM making 6 meter contacts at theVHF station.


D. from Ralph KC2RLM

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Andy WA2DKJ and Dave K2YG work some HF stations.

James KB2FCV and his wife Kieran on the other HF station.

Club Prez, Al K2AL, at the HF station.

John KC2MTN and Steve K0LBY at the F Station site on Sunday morning

Lauryn WW2OLF and Allison KC2NQZ at the GOTA station getting some midnight HF contacts.

Rich N2AUG and Rick WB2QOQ at the VHF station.

This photo was sent from the N2XJ site to the WK2I site using Slow Scan TV methods!


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