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Field Day 2012 Photos

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 Governor Livingston 2A Stations and setup
(Photos courtesy of Al, K2AL)

Putting the VHF beam together.

Close up of the rotator.

Tower Base.

David, KC2WUF, and Andy (backup), N2FYE, ready to help lift the tower.

Rich, WB2QOQ, and David, K2MUN making sure tower goes up straight.

Raising the tower using the inconvenient crank.

Got it up!

Proudly flying the flag!

Field Day and Ham Radio Literature.

Guy, K2EFB, and N2XJ (SK) Daughter.

The GOTA Gazebo ready to go.

Al, K2AL, with Allison, KC2NQZ and Lauryn, WW2OLF

One of a number of bird wattmeters (lights) decorate the site.

Al, K2AL, exercises his cooking skills and insures that nobody starves at Field Day.

Lauryn, WW2OLF and friend Allison, KC2NQZ run the GOTA station together.

Moon over Field Day.

Operating Phone early in the Night.

Lonely night operation in mid-field.

Rich, WB2QOQ, runs VHF while Natchez (dog) visits the site.

Rich, WB2QOQ, working hard on VHF QSOs.


Truck does great service hauling equipment and helping take down the tower.

Paul, W2PTP, on guy rope holding tower in line while Steve, KD2CFN, stands ready help.

Last view of Tower before takedown at end of Field Day.



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