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Field Day 2011 Photos

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Click on any image in the photo galleries below to see a larger version or go here for a full slide show.

 Governor Livingston 2A Stations and setup
(Photos courtesy of Brian, KC2ZSZ, Al, K2AL and Andy, N2FYE)

With the flag in place, the tower is ready to raise. [FYE]

Raising the VHF/UHF tower and working to be sure that nobody went hungry. [ZSZ]

Phone station almost ready to go on the air. Paul W2PTP looks pleased. Rich N2AUG and Sam work in the background. [ZSZ]

Entire Field Day Site layout. [AL]

Gota Gazebo, VHF/UHF station and Food Tent. [AL]

Rick WB2QOQ operates the VHF/UHF station. Great band openings! [FYE]

Nick KC2ONP running a major phone streak with David K2MUN happily logging. [AL]

Lou WK2I and Bruce KQ2E running CW. [AL]

As night sets in Al (K2AL) labors over a Corsair II in the middle of the field, about 200 feet from the food tent. [ZSZ]

As Field Day ends, the weather is grey but holds. [FYE]

At the end, volunteers flock to bring down the beam and disassemble all the earlier hard work. [FYE]



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