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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area
P.O. Box  813, New Providence, NJ  07974    USA

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Club Simplex Frequency:

Club FM Simplex on 145.750 MHz

Club call signs are N2XJ and W2FMI


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Auction Sellers' Page

Sellers:  If you would like NPARC to auction some items for you, please note the following:

  • Again, as it has been since 2010 -- The club will no longer charge a commission on items sold by auction.  We will be very happy to auction your items for you at no cost beyond your admission fee.  We will collect the money and transfer it directly to you.

  • Note that buyers will be admitted to preview auction items at 12:30pm, so we suggest that all sellers show up between 12:30pm and 12:45pm to register and put out their items for the preview.

  • We ask that you only auction items that are ham radio-related in some way. Buyers are expecting to see ham radio-related items in the auction. Non-ham related items can be sold after the auction at the flea market.

  • We ask that all sellers hold off on direct sales of equipment until after the conclusion of the auction. Buyers are expecting to see the items displayed be auctioned. Direct sales can be made after the auction at the flea market.

  • Please complete an Item Description form for each item to be auctioned. There will be a supply of these forms at the auction, but we suggest you print out the forms (see links below) and fill them out before you arrive at the auction.

    Use this form to provide information to potential buyers and to the auctioneer so that you can get the best price for your item  --
    a brief description of what the item is; whether it's working 100%; other items included, such as owners manual; and other significant information that may increase the value of the item.

  • On the Item Description form you may indicate a minimum acceptable bid or "reserve" for any auction item. While the auctioneer may initiate bidding at a price lower than your reserve, the final bid must be equal to or higher than your reserve for the item to be sold, unless you specifically agree to accept the lower price. You do not have to specify a reserve price if you would be happy to accept the best price the auctioneer can get.

  • When you arrive at the auction and register as a "seller", you will be given a supply of auction description forms or you can print out the Description Forms below.  At the auction enter your identification number into the forms.  That will also serve as your seller number and will help identify you to the cashiers.

  • All items to be auctioned should be placed on designated tables.  Make sure each item has an Item Description form attached to it with your number (the number on your entrance badge) written in the appropriate place.

  • After the entire auction is complete, please come up to the cashier's table to receive payment for your items that were successfully auctioned. 

Item Description Forms for Download: