Field Day 2022: Report and Final Results


After a 2-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the club once again participated in the ARRL's annual Field Day event.  During a 24 hour period (2 p.m. Saturday June 25 to 2 p.m. Sunday June 26), hams in the US and Canada tried to make as many radio contacts as possible using radios running on emergency power (batteries, generators, solar panels, etc.). In addition, we used the event to promote ham radio participation to the general public, as well as our emergency support capabilities to the public, elected officials, and emergency response organizations, such as the Red Cross.

This year our main stations were in the field behind the Governor Livingston (GL) High School in Berkeley Heights at an elevation of 535 feet  atop the second Watchung Mountain.

At the GL site we ran 3 operating positions in portable shelters:

  • 1 VHF station on 2 and 6 meters (Single Side Band and FM voice) using rotatable beams on a tower and,

  • 2 HF stations on 10 through 80 meters (one ran SSB and CW; the second ran CW and Digital).

To make sure no one went hungry, a kitchen -- complete with gas grill and coffee percolator -- was setup to provide hot and cold beverages, meals, and snacks.  Many folks stepped in and nobody went hungry or without a chance to operate.

Sunblock and bug spray was called for some of the weekend while the foul weather gear was in hand although most of the rain stayed away.

2022 Final Results:

N2XJ finished #3 for Class 2A in the Hudson Division  and #38 nationwide for Class 2A (out of 300 stations). Our station made 921 QSO's and had a grand total of 1419 QSO points. We had 47 visitors many of whom put N2XJ on the air.

N2XJ Final Results:

Score Summary:
  CW Digital Phone Total
Total QSOs 365 133 423  
Total Points
Claimed QSO Score = 2,838
   (QSOs x 2 multiplier)


Description Points
100% Emergency power 200
Media Publicity 100
Public Location 100
NTS Message to ARRL SM/SEC 100
Public Information Table 100
W1AW Field Day Message 100
Formal Messages Handled - No:=10 100
Natural power QSOs completed 100
Site Visit by invited elected official 100
Site Visit by invited served agency official 100
Submitted via the Web 50
Social Media 100
Safety Officer 100
Total Bonus Points 1,350

Total 2022 Final Score (QSOs and Bonus Pts): 4,188

[N2XJ Final Total Score last year (2019):    4,262]


Thanks to those operators who operated at N2XJ and to those who worked in all ways to make the weekend work!