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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area
P.O. Box  813, New Providence, NJ  07974    USA

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Club Simplex Frequency:

Club FM Simplex on 145.750 MHz

Club call signs are N2XJ and W2FMI


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Club Library

This page contain links to member-written pages with information about various radio or club topics. Members are welcome to submit an item to the webmaster for inclusion in the library. Your e-mail submission can either contain the write-up in the body of the e-mail or it can include a file attachment (ASCII, WordPerfect, Word -- all versions acceptable.)

Suggested items  include  "getting started" or "'neat trick" articles on some aspect of amateur radio; also, special event reports, club minutes, club history, or articles about interesting club member activities.

Here's what's in the library now:

Past Wouff-Hong Recipients


Biography of N2XJ, Carl Felt


Biography of W2FMI, Jerry Sevick


Past NPARC Officers


NPARC Constitution (pdf doc) and By-Laws (pdf doc)

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