Field Day 1994: A 2013 Re-discovery

In 2013, John Bushnell (N2TSJ), a long-time NPARC member, uncovered these photos in his collection of high-quality, medium format, B&W shots from Field Day 1994.  Like those found by David (KC2WUF) and Bob (K2GLS) these are clearly recognizable as an NPARC Field Day, held at Governor Livingston High School main field, and show little change (except in the people) in nearly 20 years.  However, especially note the alternative power supplied by Andy (WA2DKJ) in the third photo.  Enjoy!

Gordon ? (SK), Dave Barr (K2YG) and Joe Reid (K2JAO) at the CW Station dugout, far field at GL.


Andy Stillinger (WA2DKJ) peddling his pedal-power bike.

Rick Anderson (WB2QOQ) at VHF Station in Phone dugout, far field at GL.

Joel Tompkins (KB2PDW) on pedal-power bike.

Tom Tompkins (AA2RL), operating in Phone dugout.

Phone station dugout area, by bleachers. Terry Wampler (WD4IGL, back to camera) at tripod, working on ATV station. UHF yagi on mast; VHF on ladder.

Dave Barr (K2YG) operating.

Joe Reid (K2JAO) behind, Adam Davis (KB2GEG) operating.

Probably John Sheetz (K2AGI) in closest chair. Possibly Dave Snyder (?) operating ATV station.

Rick Anderson (WB2QOQ) filling generator with gas.

  Don't miss the additional shots that Jim recovered from Field Day 1996 and 1997.

Jim scanned the photographs from the high-quality medium format B&W negatives using an Epson Perfection 2450 flatbed scanner with Vuescan software.  Final preparation was done with Photoshop under Microsoft Windows 7. Captions thanks to Rick Anderson, WB2QOQ.