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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area
P.O. Box  813, New Providence, NJ  07974    USA

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Club call signs are N2XJ and W2FMI



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page last modified: Sun Nov 22 21:49:49 2015 PT

Meeting Refreshment Assignments

Continuing in 2015, we are going to use a "rotating" scheme for providing meeting refreshments, rather than trying to find one or two members willing to handle refreshments for every meeting. To volunteer for a meeting, contact  David, KC2WUF or David, K2MUN.

We are now using the pots in the kitchen at The DeCorso Community Center of New Providence and you just need to show up a little early so that you can brew 2 pots (one regular and one decaf). Instructions for making the coffee will be forthcoming on this website, but in the mean time ask for help from any of the members who have already taken a turn.

The snack(s) for the meeting will still need to be provided from an outside source, but can be anything including homemade cakes, banana bread, cookies, etc. or store bought cakes, cookies, etc.

The standard "refreshments assignment" is to:


brew some coffee: one regular and one decaf and a second of either if needed


provide half and half or milk (cost reimbursed with receipt)


provide a snack such as donuts, cookies, or cake -- home-made snacks are always well received (cost reimbursed with receipt)


clean up the pots, filter cups and the general area in the back

Please set out an improvised "Donations" cup to collect cash donations from members. You will not need to donate every time, but may consider donating every so often. You may also wish to donate occasionally to the Senior Center cup for the supplies which we do not provide. If you have any receipts for milk or snacks, please submit them to the Treasurer (Dave K2YG) for an immediate reimbursement of your costs. All collected monies are to go to the Treasurer (Dave K2YG) at the end of the night.

2015 Schedule

Jan 12 David KC2WUF  
Jan 26 Meeting cancelled due to snow.
Feb 9 Barry K2JV
Feb 23 Bill W2UDT  
Mar 9    
Mar 23    
Apr 13 Guy K2EFB
Apr 27 David KC2WUF  
May 11 Al K2AL
May 26 (Tuesday)    
Jun 8    
Jun 22 Al K2AL
Jul 13 Barry K2JV
Jul 27 Guy K2EFB
Aug 10 Frank K2EZR
Aug 24 Al K2AL
Sept 14 Bill W2UDT  
Sept 28 David KC2WUF  
Oct 12 Dave K2YG
Oct 26 Jon AE2JP
Nov 9 Guy K2EFB
Nov 23 David KC2WUF  
Dec 14    
Dec 28    

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Old 2014 Schedule

Jan 13 Barry K2JV
Jan 27 David K2MUN
Feb 10 Dave K2YG
Feb 24 Paul N2KDK
Mar 10 David KC2WUF  
Mar 24 Bill W2UDT  
Apr 14* Al K2AL (New Providence Senior Center)
Apr 28 Guy K2EFB
May 12 Jon AE2JP
May 27 (Tuesday) Barry K2JV
Jun 9 Paul W2PTP
Jun 23* Frank K2EZR
Jul 14* David KC2WUF  
Jul 28* Al K2AL
Aug 11* Bob K2GLS  
Aug 25* Barry K2JV
Sept 8* Guy K2EFB
Sept 22* Al K2AL
Oct 13* David KC2WUF  
Oct 27* Dave K2YG
Nov 10* Jim K2UI
Nov 24* Jon AE2JP
Dec 8* Bill WA2CG
Dec 22* Al K2AL

* Alternate site is now at NP Senior Center located off Livingston Ave

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Old 2013 Schedule

Jan 14 Paul W2PTP
Jan 28 Frank K2EZR
Feb 11 Jim K2UI
Feb 25 David KC2WUF
Mar 11 David K2MUN
Mar 25 Bill WA2CG
Apr 22 Dave K2YG
May 13 Al K2AL
May 28 (Tuesday) John KC2MTN  
Jun 10 Paul N2KDK
Jun 24* David KC2WUF (New Providence
Municipal Center?)
Jul 8* Bill W2UDT (New Providence Municipal Center)
Jul 22* Barry K2JV (New Providence Municipal Center)
Aug 12* Jim K2UI (New Providence Municipal Center)
Aug 26* Guy K2EFB (New Providence Municipal Center)
Sept 9 Bob K2GLS (Back to Salt Brook School)  
Sept 23 David KC2WUF (Salt Brook School)
Oct 14 Frank K2EZR
Oct 28 Bill WA2CG
Nov 11 Paul N2KDK
Nov 25 Bill W2UDT
Dec 9 Dave K3YG  
Dec 23 Meeting Cancelled No Room Available.

* Summer Schedule at NP Town Hall, Recreation Office

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OLD 2012 Schedule

Jul 9* Paul W2PTP (NP Municipal Center)
Jul 23* Bob K2GLS (NP Municipal Center)  
Aug 13* Paul N2KDK (NP Municipal Center)
Aug 27* Barry K2JV (NP Municipal Center)
Sept 10 Bill W2UDT (Back to Salt Brook School
for the rest of the School Year).
Sept 24 Bill W2UDT
Oct 9 (Tuesday) Bill WA2CG  
Oct 22 Guy K2EFB
Nov 12 David KC2WUF
Nov 26 Paul N2KDK  
Dec 10 Frank K2EZR
Dec 24 Meeting Cancelled No Room Available.
Dec 12 Barry K2JV
Dec 26 Meeting Cancelled No Room Available.

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