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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
   The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area

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Reflector - Rules

General Rules
Ten Commandments of Email

General rules:

  • Postings should relate generally to ham radio, ham support systems (such as computers), club activities and business, and topics that are in line with the scientific and electronic topics normally discussed at club meetings.
  • Please do not forward jokes, "cute" graphics, virus rumors/hoaxes, or chain letters. If you find something you think is great, send it directly to a few friends for feedback.
  • Please do not flame (attack and insult) other members of the mailing list.
  • The occasional, simple FOR SALE or WANTED notice is OK.
  • Please do not post commercial messages.
  • Please "be nice" to one another and use the same language and courtesies that you would use on the air!

10 Commandments of E-mail

Along those lines, here's an entertaining but helpful list of courtesies -- author unknown.

  • Thou shall include a clear and specific subject line.
  • Thou shall edit any quoted text down to the minimum thou needest.
  • Thou shall read thine own message thrice before thou sendest it.
  • Thou shall ponder how thy recipient might react to thy message.
  • Thou shall check thy spelling and thy grammar.
  • Thou shall not curse, flame, spam or USE ALL CAPS.
  • Thou shall not forward any chain letter or virus warning.
  • Thou shall not use e-mail for any illegal or unethical purpose.
  • Thou shall not rely on the privacy of e-mail, especially from work.
  • When in doubt, thou shall save thy message overnight and reread it in the light of the dawn. 

And, the "Golden Rule" of E-Mail

  • That which thou findest hateful to receive, sendest thou not unto others."