Site Setup (Including Gazebos)

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Gazebo Setup


One or two porta-johns should be rented as there are no restroom facilities available at the Governor Livingston site. We have used Johnny-On-The-Spot in Old Bridge, NJ (phone: (732) 721-3443). They have the Club on file. They accept credit cards and will accept a Club check if it is presented to their driver at the time of delivery.

While we have ordered two units for past Field Days (a standard and an ADA), we can probably get by with just one ADA unless turnout is expected to be more than 15-20 people constantly onsite. In recent years the number of persons present has been much fewer than this except for a few brief peak times. This saves about $90.

Call and order the unit at least one week before Field Day. They will usually deliver on the Thursday or Friday before Field Day. A member should arrange to meet the driver to show him where to locate the unit, which has been at the southeast corner of the parking lot. The driver will call about one-half hour before he arrives. --Paul N2KDK (talk) 08:57, 10 July 2012 (MST)

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