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A checklist of things to look at when you think everything is OK with your rig setup, but no one is coming back to you. These are general things to look for on all modes.


  • Make certain that power is supplied to all necessary accessories.
  • Make certain that all switches for things such as mics, antennas, etc. are in the proper position. Mic switches might select digital interfaces or multiple mics. Antenna switches might share a single antenna or select a dummy load or some antenna not fit for the band.
  • Make certain that all connections are solidly made. During lightning storms many of us disconnect the antennas and other cables to prevent damage.

Radio Settings

  • Check for Split Operation (rig specific).
  • Make sure you are operating CW/SSB on the proper sideband for the band.
  • Make certain that all antenna connections are made. You may have been testing with a dummy load and not hooked the antenna back up.
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