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Welcome to the NPARC Wiki. This Wiki is used to provide institutional memory for the New Providence Amateur Radio Club (NPARC -- Also see the NPARC Website).

Please feel free to add pages and/or edit any existing pages. To edit you must be logged into the Wiki. Create a login as needed.

Major Sections (feel free to add or edit)

Field Day

Field Day is sponsored by ARRL and held every year on the last full weekend of June.

Field Day 2013

  • This section has specific information on the planning and execution of Field Day for 2013.

Meeting Topics

Proposed Meeting Topics

The NPARC meeting on the second Monday of each month is intended to have a specific program relevant to Amateur Radio.

Proposed Projects

The NPARC meeting on the fouth Monday of each month is expected to be devoted to some project chosen by the club.

Other Activities

50th Anniversary N2XJ Special Event

For its 50th Anniversay in 2015, NPARC is running a special event

  • This section has instructions and sign-up info.

Sunday Night Net

Every Sunday at 9:00 PM (0100Z) an NPARC discussion net is held on the W2LI/R repeater.


Once a year, usually in February, NPARC holds an open auction of ham-radio related items. This page provides detail on how to sign up with CQ and ARRL as well as general auction setup information.

Kid's Day

Twice a year, Winter and Spring, ARRL sponsors a Kid's Day. NPARC participates regularly.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

A subgroup within NPARC is organized into an Emergency Response Team. The team tests their equipment and preparedness regularly by participating in community activities, such as the New Providence Memorial Day Parade and July 4th Fireworks, providing communications as needed.

Digital Net

On the first and third Monday (when no club meeting) at 9:00pm EDT/EST (0100UTC/0200UTC), we try to hold a digital net using some digital mode (f.e. PSK31, RTTY, Feld-Hell) on HF (28.070 lately, 14.0705 7.0355 earlier). Reflector emails the day of or day before the net will confirm mode and frequency for that night. NPARC also maintains a | 'Digital Modes' web page.

Trips and Outings

During the year, Club members get together for trips to some favorite destinations. These include regular visits to ARRL Headquarters and W1AW, Ham Radio Outlet, InfoAge and the Battleship New Jersey to operate aboard BB2NJ.

Annual Luncheon

In December, the Club holds its annual Luncheon, at which newly elected officers are introduced and the Club's prestigious awards are handed out.


2012 marks the first try at NPARC participating in a contest as a club. We are going to try for an aggregate score in the 2012 New Jersey QSO Party. Hopefully we can make this and other contests something the club members can take part in.

Tips, Tricks and Checklists


There are many uses for a computer in the ham shack. Functions such as logging, rig control, rotor control, DX cluster monitoring, digital modes can all be done with your computer and the right software. Occasionally you need some hardware interfacing, but most of this can be homebrewed or purchased for minimal cost.

Not making contact

A checklist of things to look at when you think everything is OK with your setup, but no one comes back to you.

Digital Modes Not Working

A checklist of things to look at when you think everything is OK with your digital setup, but no one is coming back to you. These are in addition to the general list.

Assembly of PL-259 Connectors

The PL-259 UHF connector is widely used in Amateur Radio. Much has been written about its properties and there are a multitude of instructions available on how to assemble the PL-259. However, NPARC was fortunate to have a presentation by Barry, K2JV, including extensive photographs and tips on how to properly assemble a PL-259 for long-term reliability.

How to Edit this Wiki

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