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NPARC Wiki Local Help

General Comments

  • When editing, the tools at the top of the editing window are very helpful
  • Make use of the 'Show Preview' button (bottom of the editing page) to make sure the page looks as you want.
  • Discuss page edits in the discussion pages associated with each Wiki page (tabs along top of page). Use your 'signature' in talk or discussion.
  • We are all new to this Wiki so feel free to experiment. Tell others what you have done in the discussion.

How to Upload and Use Picture (or other) Files)

  • All logged in users have permission to upload files, including pictures up to a pre-determined size
  • If you have the proper permissions the function 'Upload File' should appear in your editing Toolbox (left hand column)
  • Once a file is uploaded it can be searched on the 'upload' page and linked to by any user
  • Linking is done using the tools on the editing page or with the command [[File: ''filename'' ]]
  • Galleries of photos can be created by using the <gallery> File: xxx.jpg title </gallery> commands
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