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Extra Points

Extra Points have to be validated by various means. The most commonly used is photographs. Each of the following pages contains a sample of the documentation used for Field Day extra points.

This information is from the 2009 submission for the Red Cross F-station (K2MUN) unless otherwise noted.

The supporting documentation was sent via e-mail and contained:

Field Day Judges,

Attached is the 2009 supporting documentation for K2MUN, 1F, NNJ, operating from the Summit Red Cross in Summit, NJ. This is a public location, and is frequently visited by people dropping off clothing, etc. (100 points).

The supporting material is found in the following attachments:

  1. Photo of Red Cross employee testing the Red Cross emergency power generator during Field Day),
  2. Copy of media publicity release which was sent to local news organizations (including the Independent Press and the Star Ledger as well as the New York Times and the NYC AP New Wire),
  3. Photo of information table which was seen and examined by a number of visitors (with David Berkley, K2MUN, and Bill Hudzik, W2UDT standing),
  4. Copy of NTS message sent to NNJ section manager N2SMV; copy of acknowledgment of delivery by N2SMV,
  5. W1AW Field Day Message,
  6. Photo of Solar panel and Elecraft K1 (running less than 1 watt on pure solar power) used to complete the required five QSOs (documented in attached list),
  7. Photo of visit to Field Day site by Red Cross, Response Director, Barb Chestnut with David Berkley (K2MUN) and Lou Alexander (WK2I),
  8. List of stations worked by band and mode (K2MUNdup.txt as produced by N3FJP software).

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I can also be reached by phone at (908) 522-1257.

Thank you.

73, David, K2MUN 2009 1F Station Manager, New Providence Amateur Radio Club (NPARC)

100% Emergency Power

Media Publicity

Set-up in Public Place

Information Booth

NTS message to ARRL SM/SEC

Message Handling

Satellite QSO

W1AW Field Day Message

Natural power QSOs completed

Educational Activity

Site Visit by invited elected official

Site Visit by invited served agency official

Youth participation

GOTA Bonus

Submitted via the Web

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