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Page Last Updated: 01/21/2015 08:27:42 PM

Dayton -- NPARC Participation



Dayton NPARC visitors 2007

NPARC Attendees enjoying a meal at Dayton (2007)

Members of NPARC have been attending the Dayton Hamvention for at least the past 30 years -- and 2010 will be no different. We normally carpool and leave early on Thursday morning (May 13th this year) planning to arrive in the Dayton area in time for dinner that evening. By now we know all the good restaurants in the Dayton area, so we don't bother with MacDonalds or Burger Kings etc.

For the past five years or so we have been staying at the Comfort Inn Wright Patterson in Fairborn Ohio, which is clean, quiet and is not a long drive to the Hamvention. It is also much less expensive than the Downtown Hotels.

Our normal procedure is to get to the Hamvention site early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday AM when the flea market opens, because we don't want to miss a minute. On Sunday we will remain for the "bitter end" of the event because everyone who remains will congregate in the main auditorium for a final drawing of prizes, of which there are usually a great many. We often go home with a significant prize.

If we get on the road by 3 PM on Sunday, we'll stop in Ohio for dinner and then come straight back to NJ arriving after midnight on Monday morning.

For further information or to "make a reservation for a ride or the hotel" contact Barry K2JV on the air or on 908-464-1730.NPARC