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2006 Holiday Luncheon Pictures

The club held its annual holiday luncheon on December 9th at Charlie Brown's in Chatham, NJ. 

Click on any picture to see a larger copy of the picture. Names are assigned clockwise from the lower left ( 6 or 7 o'clock).  Photos courtesy of Bob Barns KB2IKC (mostly) and Ralph Milnes KC2RLM.

This year's Wouff Hong award recipient was Barry Cohen K2JV, shown here with presenters NNJ Section Manager Bill Hudzik W2UDT (left) and Club  President Al Hanzl, K2AL
Bill Wadsworth W2ZKE received the Grand Ol' Ham award -- and a large ham --  to commemorate his operating skills and contributions to the club over the years.  
Six members who attended the luncheon were recognized by Club President Al Hanzl K2AL for their mentoring of the Salt Brook School Statics and the successful contact with the International Space Station on June 5, 2006. L-R: "Astronaut Bob" Barns KCB2IKC, Vince Lobosco KC2IZK, K2AL, Barry Cohen K2JV, Frank McAneny K2EZR, Nick Eposito KC2ONP, and Bob Willis K2GLS
Ruby Felt, beloved and understanding XYL (wife) of Carl Felt N2XJ/SK, was presented with a dozen roses as a sign of affection from the club. (Carl's call N2XJ is now the club call.) To Ruby's left is Walt Creuz W2CIY and to her right is Margaret Creuz.
Our 2007 officers include Jim Brown WB2EDO (Secretary), Al Hanzl K2AL (Activities Co-Chair), Andy Stillinger WA2DKJ (Activities Co-Chair), James Kern KB2FCV (President)  and Vince Lobosco KC2IZK (Activities Co-Chair)
The gang enjoys some pre-luncheon chatter.
Joe Reid K2JAO and Lou Alexander WK2I
Nick Esposito KC2ONP and John Zellhofer KC2MTN
Bill Wadsworth W2ZKE and ARRL NNJ Section Manager Bill Hudzik W2UDT
Bob Willis K2GLSand his wife Ruth in front of the 2006 picture board highlighting some of the Club's 2006 activities.
The 2006 photo board with the Wouff Hong plaque lying in front of it.
Table 1 - Clockwise from left: Jerry Sevick W2FMI, Mary Lou and Bill Weller N2DQC, Jim Brown WB2EDO, Al Hirsch K2SKV and Harry Kundrat W2YEZ (Out of view: Norm Erdos K2DKY and Dave Hartman)
Table 2: Bob Willis K2GLS and his wife Ruth, Lou Alexander WK2I, Frank McAneny K2EZR, Bill Schatzabel K2QER, Ken McBride KC2OWG, and Stu Blank N2YMI (out of view, Ralph Milnes KC2RLM)
Table 3: Walt Creuz W2CIY, Ruby Felt, Margaret Creuz, Joe Reid K2JAO, James Kern KB2FCV and his wife Kieran, NIck Esposito KC2ONP, Andy Stillinger WA2JKJ, and John Zellhofer KC2MTN
Table 4: Cameron Hall KB2IRS, Vince Lobosco KC2IZK,Guy Brennert K2EFB, Bill Hudzik W2UDT, Barry Cohen K2JV, Bill Wadsworth W2ZKE and his wife Helena, Norma Cohen (obscured) and Diane Ceres (Vince's guest)